January 30, 2020 - Stevenson Hall Floor Plans to date

January 30, 2020

The Stevenson Hall Overall Plans 01/28/2020 depicts the Stevenson Hall 100% Preliminary Floor Plans to date. These are based on the comments that EHDD has received during the Schematic Phase and has been able to incorporate in to the drawings. The Summary, with items that EHDD still needs to address/incorporate are shown in italics:


  • Redistributed seating at the four Computer Classrooms at West end of level 1, so 2 have 45 seats, and 2 have 36 seats. Previously, all 4 had 40 seats.
  • Added additional print stations at all levels.

School of Business & Economics:

  • Made slight modifications to Dean’s Suite layout
  • EHDD will need to add a second workstation to the Marketing Office

School of Education:

  • Sinks in SOE Classrooms – EHDD is showing 2 sinks in each classroom.
  • Projector Screens and White Boards – EHDD is showing 24’ total length of white boards in each of the SOE Classrooms. The projector screens are located on one side of the white boards, so they are not overlapping.

School of Social Sciences:

  • Updated layout of Dean’s Suite, with internal access to storage room.
  • Updated all department suites to include three workstations each, and have made all suites the same to maintain flexibility. Layout of departmental suites have been updated to provide better visibility, connection, circulation and access to daylight.
  • Updated locations of monitor and whiteboards for Ethnographic Recording
  • Updated storage capacity at the Anthro Specimen Lab
  • Updated locations for WGS and Sociology Chair Offices
  • Increased Faculty Research offices and updated layouts for Psychology/Counseling spaces including Expressive Arts and Play Therapy
  • Updated Physical Geography, Microscopy & Ecology lab layouts per discussion with Michelle Goman, and changed floor finish to epoxy floor.
  • Updated Geospatial Analysis Room 2608
  • Updated layout of Urban Design Studio with better location for teaching wall.
  • Updated furniture layout for Climate Research Room 3175.
  • Added operable windows at GEP Research Society & Environment and Global Studies to connect with adjacent GEP Faculty offices.
  • EHDD still needs to study alternate table layout for GIS Computer Lab.
  • EHDD still needs to switch the four Anthro Faculty offices currently shown in the southwest corner of the building with the four GEP offices that are currently shown next to the atrium.
  • EHDD still needs to assess input from GEP provided on 1/28

Academic Senate:

  • Updated layout of entry and waiting area to give more distinction to this program.
  • Updated layout of Office to provide more privacy