June 23, 2020 Stevenson Hall update

June 23, 2020

The Stevenson Hall building design and project preparations have continued to move forward with support from the state and CSU system offices.  

Move out

Some faculty and staff have already begun packing and moving personal items out of Stevenson Hall. Moving prior to the start of the Fall semester is entirely voluntary and must follow campus guidelines related to COVID-19 access requirements. If you would like to move out of your office over the summer, please reach out to your appropriate administrator to schedule an appointment. Move coordination sign up sheets for faculty and staff were sent to each of the Dean’s offices. Move out appointments will continue through September 2020.

The Offices of the President, Strategic Communications, and Advancement are scheduled to move permanently to the 2nd floor of Salazar Hall in August 2020. Soon after, the Provost and Academic Affairs offices are scheduled to move temporarily to the Administration & Finance suite on the 2nd floor of Salazar Hall in late August 2020. 

Construction Timeline

Early on-site specific construction activity includes drilling indicator test piles on the north and south sides of Stevenson Hall, and will continue through mid-August 2020. Contractor mobilization is scheduled for late October 2020, when construction trailers and security fencing are scheduled to move on-site. Demolition will begin in November 2020.  

Christopher Dinno, Campus Chief Planning Officer, is working with Truebeck construction and EHDD Architects to complete the construction documents phase, including all agency approvals, in preparation for bid and construction. We are excited about the project and look forward to beginning the next stage in this scope of work. 

Building Design

As we continue with the design development of Stevenson Hall, we have received questions about design guidelines relative to COVID-19.  Specifically, how can architecture support a vibrant, active, and social learning environment while prioritizing the health and well-being of those using the building? While operating in this pandemic environment we have attempted to stay up to date on the latest information available. I am pleased to report that the Stevenson Hall renovation, including furniture layouts, is in line with current health and safety recommendations. Additionally, the building design aligns with current California Building Code requirements which prioritize life and safety considerations, and adheres to sustainable environmental design performance standards. Thus, our general design accounts for many emergency situations including earthquake and fire.

Building design health and safety measures include:

  • Vibrant and light-filled floor spaces with visual connections to the outdoors;

  • Visible and open central staircase;

  • Clear wayfinding signage;

  • Doors on hold-open devices and option of auto operators;

  • Key swipes at all electronic locks;

  • Wide circulation corridors;

  • Flexibility of use - informal collaborative spaces and general purpose classrooms;

  • Infrared touchless sensor activation in all restrooms including faucets and toilet fixtures;

  • ADA push foot and hand paddle plates for entering and exiting all restrooms; and

  • Mechanical HVAC System designed to current ventilation codes and optimized indoor air quality including Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold design. 

Communications and Updates

In our continued effort to communicate in a timely fashion, we once again invite you to join our opt-in Stevenson Hall Renovation Project listserv for regular, project-development summaries as well as meeting announcements and website update notifications. For all information regarding this project, including the most recent presentations with conceptual renderings, and the most current floor plans, visit the Stevenson Hall Renovation Project where you may submit questions or suggestions using the “Ask a Question” button.

Thank you for your patience, suggestions and continued interest, and support as we move to the next phase in this important campus project.