What is the difference between the feasibility study created a couple years ago and the next step of the collaborative design-build for the Stevenson project?

The University gathered feedback from the School's deans, faculty and staff on program requirements, as part of the feasibility study, which was then submitted to the Chancellor’s Office for review and approval for officially funding for the project. The program and adjacency plans served as the basis for funding and feasibility discussions. Funding has been secured for the project and a “collaborative design-build” delivery method for the Stevenson Hall Renovation project and programming has been established. TrueBeck Construction and EHDD Architects are the firms that were selected and are working with the campus as part of the next steps in the project process to confirm the feasibility study and to collaboratively develop the final design for the entire project. Once the design is complete and has the Chancellor’s Office Board of Trustees and outside agency approvals, TrueBeck Construction will bid and schedule the renovation work on Stevenson Hall.