Why are offices internal to the building rather than external as they are in the current building?

On the second and third floors, offices are removed from the exterior windows of the building by approximately nine feet. After reviewing a number of design concepts, University leadership decided that the best fit plan to maximize the guiding principles of design (community, collaborative and informal learning, shared daylight, equitable, flexible, and sustainable) was to group departments together and provide circulation on the outside of the building. This circulation will also double as collaborative and informal learning spaces for faculty and students to work together during office hours. Furniture in this space will be functional for one-on-one meetings and is not intended for long-term use by any single person. The current design also maximizes shared daylighting into the building, allowing light to not only reach the hallways between offices but also deep into the offices themselves. This will create an environment where the daylight is shared by all users of the building. Finally, the state-of-the-art mechanical systems will operate in a much more efficient manner by offering temperature control for heating and cooling to the entire building instead of individual offices.