April 23, 2021 Stevenson Hall Renovation Weekly Progress from Truebeck Issue 10

Truebeck Construction has provided this update on the Renovation of Stevenson Hall.  All images and text are supplied by Truebeck. Truebeck construction logo

Tubex Piles & Friction Collars

We are still working on creating our temporary shoring system and most of our work this week has focused around this. The friction collars are being pre-loaded to test their capacity to hold the building. More piles continue to be drilled, poured, and welded for the shoring system as well.

You can design, create, and build the most wonderful place in the world.
But it takes people to make the dream a reality."

-- Walt Disney

Soldier Beams Continue…

In these pictures, West Coast Drilling is coring a hole through an existing concrete footing, that is approximately 12’ underground, to make way for the new deep foundation Tubex Pile system.

Issue 10 West Coast Drilling coring hole

Issue 10 West Coast Drilling displaying core

Concrete Patching

We are still patching this week to return any damaged concrete back to its original state. Issue 10 patching damaged concrete

Stay Tuned for Next Week!

Our Tubex piles will be ongoing. We are gearing up to begin the foundation shoring system, pile caps, and grey beams next week along with the L5 Classroom excavation.