April 22, 2021 Agenda Stevenson Hall Project Task Force

Agenda Meeting No. 30 
April 22, 2021

Stevenson Hall Task Force Group established monthly updates:

  1. Meeting Minutes No. 29, dated January 28, 2021, review action items.
  2. Update on Collaborative Design-Build Team Meetings and Other:
    1. General Purpose Classroom Focus Group Meeting updates,
      • Associate Professor and Chairperson Debora Paterniti General Purpose Classroom (furniture layouts, types and A/V) Focus Groups.  High level Summary Report - Final Summary Report Released.
      • Final furniture bid packages have been released to C&P for bid.
  3. Project Planning Update:
    1. Stevenson Hall Renovation Project updates, reference Stevenson Hall Website 
  4. Key Mile Stone Dates (build-out and Moves) for the Project, are but not limited to:
    1. Fall 2021 campus update on ground instruction and faculty/staff wing space in Schulz;
    2. Construction (Demolition Phase scope of work), started in November 2020;
    3. Pending construction permit from the OSFM;
    4. Construction Complete/Move-in delayed and communicated to the campus, Summer 2023 completion and move-in ahead of the Fall 2023 semester;
    5. Exiting plan changes to first floor plan.
  5. New Business and/or action items: