August 18, 2020 Minutes Stevenson Hall Task Force

August 18, 2020 TIME: 11:00 a.m. to noon


Christopher Dinno (CD) - Chair, Mike Ogg (MO), Maureen Buckley (MB), Julie Wood (JW), Aidan Humrich (AH), Laura Watt (LW), Jeffery Reeder (JR), Michelle Goman (MG), Laure Ogg (LO), Jonathan Smith (JS), Alisandra Brewer (AB), Rick Verrier (RV), Justin Lipp (JL), Stephanie Thibault (ST), Lauren Hart (LH), Kristi Marian (KM), Lauren Hart (LH), Gayle Graff (GG).


Gregory Sawyer (GS), Elias Lopez (EL), Karin Jaffe (KJ) , Rheyna Laney (RL), Dana Twedell (DT), Dr. Laura Williams (LM), Sandra Ayala (SA), Laura Monje-Paulson (LMP), Natalie Williams-Munger (NWM), Sandra Ayala (SA), Vincent Orton (VO), Lisa Revere (LR), Joseph Lofton (JL), Amanda McGowan (AM).

I. Agenda No. 25 (Attached)

II. Administrative Items:

26.01 Christopher Dinno - Christopher provided brief recap of Meeting Minutes No 25.

No new action items to review.

26.02 Christopher Dinno –

  • Christopher provided a recap regarding the General Purpose Classroom Focus Groups. MO – Draft report is complete and integrated into current classroom conditions as well as design for Stevenson Hall. Total report release date TBD. This document will be the central part of the furniture plan for Stevenson. CD – The furniture bid package for Stevenson is to be developed in the Fall 2020.
  • CD - Truebeck and EHDD have completed the 95% Construction Documents Phase and have submitted to the Chancellor's Office and multiple approval agencies for review and approval. Reviews and permits expected to be issued late summer 2020 for Bid and Construction. CD – All agencies either complete or nearing completion in the review process with the exception of the State Fire Marshall. SFM has reviewed and approved the demolition package, permit issued.
  • Christopher updated the Task Force Group on surge move plans and updated schedule. (Reference the campus Website: for campus COVID-19 Safety and County Health Department protocols while on campus that are to be followed):
    • Surge Moves continue, many moves occurred in June and July and we are now coming up on the final push to clear the building of occupants by mid to late September.
    • NCS Moving Services will continue to assist faculty and staff in moving their personal furniture and other items to the west loading dock area as scheduled, for waiting faculty or staff personal vehicles in August and September.
    • Any remaining existing office furniture and other will be considered not wanted or needed and will be moved out of Stevenson Hall by NCS starting in September through October 2020 and will go to recycle off campus.
    • Facilities Operations to begin removal of all items to be salvaged (hardware, doors, other) no later than late September through October 2020.
    • MO – Business continuity has determined that weekend moves are not a possibility due to cleaning concerns.
    • MG – Map Library: Are we allowed to have outside parties come to campus to view? - MO – We will work with the EOC to clarify, please contact Megan Varnadore. ST – For outside individuals coming to campus an EREQ must be submitted. MO – I will help facilitate communication regarding this issue.
    • JS – Will staff/faculty expect access to Schulz? CD – No, not at this point, NCS will still be moving surge items into the surge locations though.

26.03 Christopher Dinno – Project Planning Update:

  • Stevenson Hall Renovation Project Website (A&F).
  • On Campus Permanent and Surge Space Planning efforts updated:
    • Reference Schedule Agenda Item No. 25.04 below;

26.04 Key Milestone Dates (build-out and Moves) for the Project, are but not limited to:

  • Salazar: Center for Teaching and Educational Technology, Enrollment Services (Office of the Registrar, Office of Admissions), Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Center for Community Engagement and Visitors Center–Academic Affairs, 1st Floor, PROJECT COMPLETE;
  • Salazar, Cooperage, Zinfandel, Schulz –Classroom Technology Upgrades, PROJECT COMPLETE;
  • Salazar – Studio Blue, Primitivo and The STAR, 1st Floor, PROJECT COMPLETE;
  • Salazar – Office of the President, Strategic Communications and Advancement, 2nd Floor, expected completion and move in, mid August 2020.
  • Salazar – Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs, 2nd Floor move to A&F suite temporary move, August 2020; MO – There is a meeting set to review the timeline or the moves to Salazar Hall, Pending.
  • TrueBeck contractor mobilization scheduled for late October 2020, when construction trailers, pedestrian controls and security fencing are scheduled to move on-site. Stevenson will be completely off line by late October 2020.
  • Phase –II: Construction (Demolition), tentatively November 2020;
  • Phase –II: Construction Complete/Move-in, tentatively Summer 2022;
  • Stevenson Hall, Grand Opening Dedication tentatively Fall 2022.

26.05 New Business and/or Action items:

A Groundbreaking Ceremony date, time and logistics are being planned, to be determined, additional information forthcoming.

26.06 New business and/or action items:

None mentioned.