November 10, 2020 Minutes Stevenson Hall Task Force Meeting

Stevenson Hall Task Force Meeting No. 28 Minutes November 10, 2020 11:00 a.m. to 12:00PM


Christopher Dinno (CD) - Chair, Joyce Lopes (JL), Elias Lopez (EL), Gregory Sawyer (GS), Mike Ogg (MO), Karin Jaffe (KJ) , Julie Wood (JW), Aidan Humrich (AH), Jeffery Reeder (JR), Michelle Goman (MG), Rheyna Laney (RL), Dana Twedell (DT), Kristi Marian (KM), Laurie Ogg (LO), Jonathan Smith (JS), Alisandra Brewer (AB), Natalie Williams-Munger (NWM),Sandra Ayala (SA), Evan Ferguson(EF), Grif Priest (GP), Lisa Revere (LR), Amanda McGowan (AM), Justin Lipp (JL), Stephanie Thibault (ST), Lauren Hart (LH), Gayle Graff (GG), Joseph Lofton (JL),Carla Stone (CS), John Lynch (JL), Modesto Llanes, Madison Annala (MA), Rick Verrier (RV).


Elias Lopez (EL), Mike Ogg (MO),Karin Jaffe (KJ),Julie Wood (JW),Jeffery Reeder (JR), Rheyna Laney (RL), Dana Twedell (DT), Kristi Marian (KM), Jonathan Smith (JS), Sandra Ayala (SA), Evan Ferguson(EF), Grif Priest (GP), Lisa Revere (LR).

  1. Agenda No. 28 (Attached)
  2. Administrative Items:

28.01 Christopher Dinno -

Christopher provided brief recap of Meeting Minutes No 27.

28.02 Christopher Dinno –

  • Associate Professor and Chairperson Debora Paterniti developed the General Purpose Classroom Refresh Summary Report (furniture layouts, types and A/V) based on Faculty Focus Group meetings. High level Summary Report - PENDING Release of the Final Summary Report. The Summary Report will set the campus standard for General Purpose Classroom technology and furniture for the Stevenson Hall Renovation and the funding available for plus minus fifty general purpose classrooms spaces throughout campus.

  • EHDD has started developing the furniture packages that are schedule to be released to C&P in late Fall 2020 for bid. The timeline for furniture contract orders, fabrication and installation are in coordination with and to coincide with the construction completion schedule.

  • Faculty and staff temporary surge space moves and other (Reference for campus COVID-19 Safety protocols while on campus):
    • IT has completed their efforts in removal of IT equipment and other from Stevenson Hall.
    • Facilities Operations has completed their efforts in removal of Facilities related items for reuse (doors, locks, fire alarm strobes, fire extinguishers, etc) from Stevenson Hall 28.03 Christopher Dinno – Project Planning Update:
  • The Virtual Groundbreaking ceremony can be viewed on the A&F Stevenson Hall Webpage,
  • Stevenson Hall Renovation Project updates, reference (A&F)Website,
  • On Campus Permanent and Surge Space Planning efforts updated:
    • Reference Schedule Agenda Item No. 4 below.

28.04 Key Milestone Dates (build-out and Moves) for the Project, are but not limited to:

  • Permanent and Surge moves from Stevenson Hall and other buildings complete;
  • TrueBeck Construction mobilization scheduled for the week of November 16, 2020, (construction trailers, pedestrian safety controls and security fencing are scheduled to be placed on-site);
  • Construction (Demolition Phase scope of work), tentatively to begin late November 2020;
  • Construction Complete/Move-in, tentatively schedule for Summer 2022;
  • Stevenson Hall, Grand Opening Dedication, tentatively scheduled for Fall 2022.

28.05 New business and/or action items:

  • CD - Should we now schedule these meetings quarterly instead of monthly? Consensus is to move to Quarterly – The next Stevenson Hall Task Force Meeting will be schedule for January 26, 2021.
  • GG - What is the time frame for Faculty access to the surge spaces prior to the Spring semester? CD – Mike Ogg is currently working on this and we will provide an interim update as soon as a plan is in place. PENDING Action Item.
  • AH - Will time lapse video of the Stevenson Hall Renovation Project during construction be available for viewing on the Website? CD -This is being looked into by TrueBeck. PENDING Action Item.