Stevenson Hall Surge Moves

Before the renovation of Stevenson Hall can begin, everyone will need to be moved to their new surge locations, and everything will need to be moved out of the building. In preparation for these moves, we have prepared some helpful information for you to consider as we embark on this immense project.

April 27, 2020: Update: Stevenson Hall Renovation and Related Permanent and Temporary Project Moves

SSU Moving FAQs provides many answers to the questions you may have regarding your and your department's move and how to start preparing for your move.

SSU Move Instructions provides you will details of how each move will be coordinated.

Surge Moves by Department - this graphic illustrates where and when each department is moving.

Surge Moves Point of Contact - this document provides a list of points of contact by department for the surge moves.

updated 04/28/2020