April 30, 2021 Stevenson Hall Renovation Weekly Progress from Truebeck Issue 11

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Pictures displayed below

A Surprise Visit: Mrs. Fox!

A fox was spotted running through the parking lot on April 26. The friendly critters of Rohnert Park occasionally like to pop by our construction site to see everything going on.

Excavation of the L5 Classroom

We have just started our excavation in the courtyard of what will become the L5 classroom. The pit, as shown, is about 7 feet deep.

More Piles

We are continuing to drill our Tubex piles for the foundation shoring system.


Here, our friends from Monticelli are priming the building for painting.

Stay Tuned for Next Week!

We’ll be painting the building, digging for footings, doing the excavations for the foundation, and backfilling the existing east basement with soil to bring it back to grade.