August 20, 2021 Stevenson Hall Renovation update

Stevenson Hall Renovation updates

These updates are provided regularly by Truebeck Construction. Truebeck Please check back to see what's happening with the Stevenson Hall Renovation. A slide show of photos is below.

Preparation for Structural Steel

Structural steel is less than two weeks away as our steel crews finish up welding shear tabs to the existing structure.

Deck Infill Concrete Work

Deck Infills are being completed throughout the building as the Tenant Improvement portion of work nears.

Elevator Pit Walls

Forms for the elevator pit walls are going up so the walls can be formed and poured prior to the elevator steel showing up. 

What’s Going on in the Basement?

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Safety (MEPF) rough-in is well underway in the basement with a majority of overhead piping hung and underground activities complete. Shown to the right is the heat exchanger and domestic hot water recirculating pumps. To the left is the incoming domestic cold water feed and PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve) assembly. The sewage ejector pump (right) will send wastewater up and out the basement to a sanitary sewer line.

South Shear Wall Before and After

The south shear wall is nearing completion. While the finished product looks like a simple concrete wall, there is a great deal of complexity in coordinating and building this structural component. This photo sequence shows the different stages of shear wall erection, from rebar placement to shotcrete, to the curing phase.

Stay Tuned for Next Week!

We will be continuing demo, revealing formed concrete shear walls, starting the exterior framing and plaster system, and prepping for steel erection.