July 2021 Stevenson Hall Renovation Progress from Truebeck

Stevenson Hall Renovation updates Truebeck Construction

These updates are provided regularly by Truebeck Construction.  Please check back to see what's happening with the Stevenson Hall Renovation. A photo gallery of work in progress follows this text.

Courtyard Taking Shape

The aesthetic of the interior courtyard has changed over the last month as shear walls are being

view from interior of Stevenson Hall courtyard during renovation
View from the courtyard of Stevenson Hall during renovation

erected from the ground to the roof level. The shear walls are poured along with form liners which when revealed, will display linear vertical patterns in the concrete that will serve to benefit the acoustics of the L5 classroom.

Ironworkers have been installing  reinforcing steel on the H Line Shear Wall Between Gridline 1 and Gridline 3

Cement Masons have been finishing the shotcrete shear wall along 11 line.

MEP milestones

The projects Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) scope has progressed nicely as subgrade building utilities have been put in place. Ground floor concrete has been cut open to place the new subgrade plumbing pipes and electrical conduit.  Fire risers have been installed inside the building to bring water to the upper levels for fire protection. The securing of a restraint coupler to the sub grade fire line signified the first major utiltiy connection to the building.

Roof Activity

Roof penetrations are created by coring the concrete. These penetrations must be covered to protect workers from the exposed openings until the roof drains are installed.  In addition to installing roof penetrations, a concrete pad has been erected that will hold the air handlers for Stevenson Hall.


Subgrade waterproofing has been installed at the Northeast corner of the building to seal the building envelope around the new MEP connections.

Stay Tuned for Next Week!

We will be revealing formed concrete shear walls, placing footings for deep foundation systems, and prepping the pour for the new basement stairwell.