May 14, 2021 Stevenson Hall Renovation Weekly Progress from Truebeck Issue 13

Stevenson Hall RenovationTruebeck Construction logo

Updates are provided by the contractor Truebeck Construction. See the work that is happening on campus and read about this work on the renovation of Stevenson Hall.  Photos of work being done can be found below.

Courtyard Shear Wall Foundation Excavation

We are getting closer to placing the foundation elements for the courtyard shear walls. Shotcrete will be placed for our temporary underpinning system today.

North/East Corner Saw Cutting, Piles, and Excavation

Concrete saw cutting has been the highlight of our week. After many weeks of demolition and burying things in the ground, it has nice to experience some real tangible progress.


We are continuing to drill our Tubex piles for the foundation shoring system. The Tubex pile installation is over 60% complete.


We are finishing up the South and starting on the North side of the building.

Stay Tuned for Next Week!

We are continuing Tubex pile installation and will start reinforcing steel for foundations next week.