May 28, 2021 Stevenson Hall Renovation Weekly Progress from Truebeck

Stevenson Hall Renovation truebeck construction logo

Nearing the end of demolition

With the demolition phase of the project nearing completion, all that remains of the original Stevenson Hall are the integral structural elements of the building’s core.

Rebar Additions

Following courtyard excavation, more rebar deliveries have been brought to the site.  This week, rebard placement continued in preparation for the pouring of the concrete foundation for the L5 Classroom.

Pile Drill Tips

Here is a photo of one of the drill tips used for pile placement in the soil. This piece will eventually be welded to the steel column pile itself, and once fastened will be used to aid in reaching a depth of 80’ below the surface.

Friction Collars

To allow for a safe excavation for the new footing placement, friction collars have been installed to keep the building’s structure in place. Here we see one of the permanent piles being used to temporarily support a portion of the building’s load being distributed from the friction collar above.

Painting Continues

Painting has progressed to the building’s North elevation. Here we see the epoxy encapsulating and finish coat being applied to the building’s exterior concrete panels.

Stay Tuned for Next Week!

We are continuing our piles, foundation systems, and painting. We will continue prepping for our foundation work, excavating and setting rebar in place for upcoming concrete pour dates.