May 7, 2021 Stevenson Hall Renovation Weekly Progress from Truebeck Issue 12

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North/East Corner Core Drilling, Piles, and Excavation

We are proud that our early coordination efforts are paying off. The north/east pile cap is a challenging endeavor that Truebeck and our trade partners have been planning for a long time. One of the challenges overcame was the installation of four of the new Tubex piles through existing footings that were buried 14’ underground. We worked without trade partners to plan and implement a unique solution, auger a hole through the earth to top of footing and use a concrete core attached toa drill rig to create a hole in the footing. Bullseye; you can see from the picture at the upper left that the plan worked and the Tubex pile is positioned almost exactly centered in the hole.

Digging for Footings & Excavation of the L5 Classroom

The L5 Classroom excavation is going well. Here you can see our excellent friction collars temporary shoring system, exposed footings, and our shoring system. We consciously decided to take the bull by the horns and construct the most challenging footings first.

More Piles

We are continuing to drill our Tubex piles for the foundation shoring system. This pile cap is located on the southeast side of the building.


We are making progress on our encapsulation and exterior painting on the south elevation of the building.

Stay Tuned for Next Week!

We are continuing our piles, shoring systems, foundation systems, and painting. On the east elevation, we will be prepping for our foundation work and in the courtyard, we will be excavating to the next level of soil which will expose the footings.