September 3, 2021 Stevenson Hall Renovation Updates from Truebeck

The Crane Has Arrived

A hydraulic 350 ton Grove crane arrived on site last week and has begun to hang steel in the Stevenson Hall courtyard. This is a key milestone on the path towards finishing the buildings framing and roof at the atrium.

photo of a yellow crane used to lift items three building stories high
This image shows the massive size
of the crane 
photo showing the view from the interior of Stevenson Hall of the cranes reach
Interior view of the crane at work on
Stevenson Hall

Utility Tunnel Connections Nearing Completion

picture of copper pipe laid in trench, connected to building
Copper pipe connected and 
ready for trench to be filled
interior view of Stevenson Hall showing the utilities that have been plumbed
Preparing for the tying in of 
photo of covered utility tunnel after connections to building have been amde
Utility tunnel all filled in.

The large excavation on the building Northeast corner has been filled in after all utility connections from the building to the utility tunnel have been put into place. The photos show a sequence of what the excavation looked like before and after. 

Structural Steel Coming Together

Interior of Stevenson Hall showing steel beams
Steel members are laid out in the 
photo of steel framing in progress at the Stevenson Renovation Project
Installation of steel beams which
will become the L5 classroom

Steel members are laid out in the courtyard at the beginning of the workday in
preparation for the crane lifts and assembly process which will take place later.

The first level of structural steel nears completion in the courtyard at the location of what will eventually become the L5 classroom.

Demolition Resumes

construction worker with jackhammer on roof
Knocking out portions of existing
roof deck
mini excavator working to dismantle shearwall
Demolition on the second floor continues

The Demo Crews have returned to the site to complete their remaining phases of the project. With more trades on site this time around, the strategy for completing their scope becomes more complex, as they must coordinate demolition of old portions of the building around newly constructed sections.  Photos include a tied off crew member from Silverado continues to knock out portions of the existing roof deck and a mini excavator with a concrete breaker hammer attachment continues demolition on the west side of the second floor, knocking out the remaining old shear walls.

Stay Tuned for Next Week!

We will be continuing demo, hanging more structural steel, starting the roofing process and installing more utilities.